The village of Lagrasse

View of LagrasseThe village of Lagrasse has refined the art of la dolce vita over hundreds of years. Lagrasse is located at the heart of the Corbières Mountains, more specifically, in the lower Corbières region. For ten years now, the town has been part of the association of the most beautiful towns in France.

The small village dwells at the bottom of the Orbieu valley, a tributary of the River Aude the source of which is a little higher in the valley near the village of Fourtou at 800m above sea level. Surrounded by hillsides, the vineyards harvested from the Corbières appellation thrive in this small abbey town. Those passing through Lagrasse cannot help but notice the domineering bell tower of the Sainte-Marie abbey. This monument was originally a Benedictine monastery, from the 8th century until the French revolution.

The abbey marks the beginning of the village, dating from before 800 AD. The church is currently occupied by a community of highly pious Catholic priests called "Les Chanoines Réguliers de la Mère de Dieu". The building has been listed as a historic monument since the 23rd July 1923.

The village plays host to various artists, craftsmen, restaurant owners and wine retailers, who are the life and soul of the village, mainly due to the music festival and the Banquet de livre (a litterature festival). These events attract various holiday makers in search of peace, rest, nature and a spiritual experience. Just like the Cathars who fled repression in the 12th century, Lagrasse will afford you refuge and tranquillity.