The character and charm of our wines

Our wines were carefully selected by our talented expert wine retailer. Our wines were selected, not for the reputation of the vineyard, nor the prestige of the appellation; but simply for the quality of the fruit, which remains the most important for our specialist.

A healthy fruit, bursting with organic goodness, whose roots reach into a rich and natural soil. A soil kind to nature. Our wines grow in earth which gets its unique character from its unparalleled soil. Chemical free, this earth allows nature to do its magic. This point encompasses the very principle of biodynamism. It was by strolling through numerous wine fairs and vineyards across France, that Laurent Jamois finalised his wine selection, by meeting with local producers. He was unrelenting when it came to certifying the proven quality of his products.

You might wonder, "Why did he pick this bottle or that one?" He did so, because these are original wines, with a reputation founded on their taste rather than their money-making potential.

These are wines with character and charm, wines which are a testament to the history and the labour of those who work the land. These are honest wines, unpretentious and down to earth. They are undoubtedly wines that you can not pass up on.

Enjoy them as an aperitif, or accompanying your favourite dishes; your guests will be in awe.